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Long Timers & Boarders

Doggie Harmony Happies 2023


let's save more

Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.


Our goal is always to match available dogs to a home that best suits both the dog and adopter's needs. See our adoptables and apply to adopt today!


We do not have a shelter, so we engage with the community to find temporary homes for dogs until a responsible, forever home can be found. Look for dogs labeled NEEDS FOSTER dogs and apply to foster!


Our biggest need for help is with driving dogs to/from vet appointments, meetups with potential adopters, or to meet transporters. Second to this is remove admin stuff. Want to help?

Without a shelter, we are often backed into a corner of boarding dogs who are returned and training them to ensure they're more successful in their next home. Help us stay prepared for the unexpected?


who we are

Doggie Harmony is a non-profit (501c3) Atlanta-based rescue group focused on matching right people to right dogs in Atlanta. Available dogs are found by Good Samaritans, come from 'death row' of animal control, or are with owners who seek to rehome. We also sponsor spay/neuter, wellness, training and boarding to keep or place dogs in happy homes

A small, grassroots organization started in Brookhaven, Georgia in 2009, Doggie Harmony was founded by friends and rescue volunteers, Jamie Sprague and Liz Mansour. Upon acquiring 501c3 status for purposes of fundraising, we were able to expand efforts into other greater Atlanta communities. Jamie continues to oversee Doggie Harmony, while Liz focuses on building and managing alliances with northeast rescue organizations. Though we remain small in size, collectively, we are able to place a couple hundred homeless pets per year.

In 2024, we launched a Board of Directors to include some of the most dedicated rescuer warriors in our community. Our Board includes Amy Alt-Kellner, Sadye Claxton, Pam Heiges, and Ali Mentana. We are so excited for Doggie Harmony to benefit from their experience working with county animal control, as well as other local rescue groups.

We'd also like to acknowledge Jan Sprague as our long-time Treasurer/Secretary. She keeps trying to retire, but we continue to lure her back to keep us on task with accounting, taxes, and helping us thank all those who donate!

what we do

Because we do not operate from a shelter, our goal is to intercept as many pets as possible from entering our very over-taxed county shelter system. We are always willing to work with Good Samaritans who find/house strays, owners who must rehome pets, and other rescue organizations overwhelmed by too many pets under their care.


community outreach

Teamwork is key to preventing our county shelters from exceeding capacity and ensuring no-kill rescue intake is a viable option in Georgia. We team with friendly finders in the community, owners losing homes, and other rescue organizations to assist with marketing pets for adoption and screening for long-term responsible homes.

vetting & training

As part of the effort to responsibly rehome animals, we often need to spay/neuter, update vaccinations and treat for heartworm before offering a pet for adoption. Likewise, some animals have missed out on the basic training and socialization they need to thrive in homes and communities. In instances where individuals/rescue organizations lack the funding to achieve this, we extend a hand.


marketing and placement

With so many homeless pets in Georgia in need of a home, it's a tough market with lots of competition. We help folks sharpen their marketing efforts to reach as many people as possible with adoptable pets. We also provide coaching and assist with applicant screening, home visits, background/referral checks where needed. Key to placement is responsiveness. If you ask for our help, please be prepared to be uber responsive to inquiries. 

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
- Mahatma Gandhi

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We are 100% volunteer based, many of us with full-time daytime jobs. We work fastest on email, so please submit the form as a start.